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LandlordMax has recently been showcased by Vaadin as an example of how to develop software using their programming framework. In the software world Vaadin is a major software company whose framework is used by companies such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Freddie Mac, and Volkswagen just to name a few. Vaadin is one of the top 5 frameworks from one of the top 3 programming languages used in the world! It’s an honor to be included as a showcase of the power of their framework with other such large financial companies, especially considering how successful the Vaadin framework is. To give you a real estate based analogy it’s almost equivalent to being showcased on a real estate website such as BiggerPockets, Inman, or the New York Times real estate section about the success of your real estate portfolio. Except in this case it’s the programming community letting us know how well the system was programmed and implemented the software for the LandlordMax Cloud Edition.

We chose Vaadin as the core of the software framework for LandlordMax and as expected it has turned out to be a very good decision. It has allowed us to develop the software quickly, keep it affordably priced, and to be extremely stable and performant. We’re very proud of our success with the Cloud Edition of LandlordMax and it’s very nice to be validated on the quality of our software by having LandlordMax showcased on one of the biggest programming frameworks in the world!

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