We’ve Moved Datacenter to Improve our Infrastructure

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We’re very pleased to announced that we’ve moved our systems and infrastructure to a new datacenter that will be better able to handle our growing needs. This effort took about 2 months to complete from start to finish. But more importantly it was seamless to you our users. You didn’t have to do anything on your side and were able to continue using the LandlordMax Cloud Edition as you had been doing before the move.

You’re probably first asking why did we decide to move? Without getting too technical the main reason is that the previous datacenter that housed our servers was very recently acquired and as a result their quality of service was no longer up to our standards. For example in September some users experienced some performance issues that were due directly to this. As a result of all this we felt we needed to move our systems and infrastructure to another datacenter, one that would be better suited to meet our needs and expectations.

The next question is how did we chose the the new datacenter? We made a list of our most important criterias for a datacenter and then started our research. Our key criterias in order of importance were security, quality of service, performance, stability, redundancy, and so on. The key criteria being security by far.

The datacenter we selected to host LandlordMax’s servers and infrastructure is well known for it’s security. It hosts some very high profile clients with very high security requirements, including some very important law enforcement entities. As a result the datacenter is SSAE-16 SOC 1 Type 2 certified, SSAE-16 SOC 2 Type 2 certified, ISAE 3402 certified, HIPAA compliant, and PCI Compliant. This is on top of all the additional measures they take to keep very high security standards within their datacenter. Our previous datacenter was no slouch when it came to security but but we took the opportunity to increase it that much more. I cannot stress how important security is for the datacenter where our server’s are housed.

In addition to being very secure they also have very high marks on all the other key criterias we require. They have been great in working with us to transition our systems. Their systems have been extremely stable. They have incredible redundancies in place, from power generators to redundant internet backbone connections. Over the last 5 year they’ve been able to achieve 100% network uptime which is amazing.

Of course we continue to have our own automated backups and redundancies. For example we have real time backups of the database systems in addition to the daily backups and so on.

How does this affect you? Your day to day experience will remain the same. In fact you should not even have noticed we moved datacenters, it should’ve be completely invisible to you. Everything should be completely the same for you.

From our side of course it’s very different. The move took 2 months of efforts, including preparation work, practice runs, etc. It was only on the final step of the move where we had to temporarily disabled access to the system (with a notification page) so that we could transfer all the data in the database systems in a single step and keep everything consistent. We of course did this during off-hours to minimize the number of people affected, and the transition overall went very well. We have been live in the new datacenter now for over a month.

All that to say we’ve very proud to announce the move to the new datacenter which better suits or needs and requirements and will allow us to continue growing with you.

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