Database Conversion to LandlordMax Cloud Edition Ends April 30 2021

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LandlordMax Cloud Edition

It’s already been more than 3 years since the LandlordMax Cloud Edition has been released! We have been getting excellent feedback from both our new and existing customers. In fact, the majority of the previous desktop customers have already converted their database and are enjoying the benefits and new features of the Cloud Edition.

At this time, we are announcing a final deadline to convert your existing database to the Cloud Edition. The original deadline of Dec 31, 2020 was extended by four months which will be the end of this month. In other words the deadline to convert your database from the previous Desktop Edition to Cloud Edition ends at the end of this month on April 30, 2021. As you know, the Desktop Edition (as well as the Soho and Pro Editions) of LandlordMax have been discontinued for 3 years, meaning there are no further updates, including security updates, of the installed Editions such as the Desktop Edition. Therefore it is important to upgrade before April 30, 2021 to avoid any Windows or Apple incompatibility issues which could render the software inoperable. For example Apple’s latest update of their Mac OS X called Big Sur has rendered a number of software applications incompatible including the Desktop Edition. If this happens after April 30, 2021 then there will no longer be any options to upgrade to the Cloud Edition.

There are many benefits to upgrading to the cloud edition, such as:

In addition to these many benefits again please be aware that as Windows and Apple computers are constantly being upgraded that by running the Desktop Edition you are taking the chance that the software will no longer work when there is eventually an incompatibility upgrade by Microsoft or Apple.

For instance, the Desktop Edition will NOT work on the latest Mac computers due to incompatibility issues with the Big Sur release by Apple. Meaning if you buy a new Mac or update your Mac OS X to Apple’s latest Big Sur version the Desktop Edition will no longer work due to changes in Mac OS X that render the software incompatible. Big Sur has caused a number of software applications to become incompatible, with one of them including the Desktop Edition (as well as Soho and Pro Editions). It still appears to function on the latest versions of Windows but please keep in mind that should Microsoft introduce a software incompatibility change *(similar to what Apple did with their Big Sur update) after April 30, 2021 and you haven’t upgraded to the Cloud Edition then the installed version will NO longer work and there will no longer be an option to upgrade your data to the Cloud Edition. Therefore it is highly recommended to upgrade as soon as possible.

Please be aware that the final deadline to upgrade to the cloud edition is April 30, 2021. After this date, you will no longer be able to convert your existing database from the installed Editions (Desktop, Soho, and Pro Editions) to the LandlordMax Cloud Edition.

You can find the instructions on how to convert the database by clicking here.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our support team here.

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