How to Use and Customize the Tables in LandlordMax

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To help you get the most power and value from LandlordMax the above video tutorial shows you many of the capabilities of the tables within the software.

For example did you know that you can select which columns are displayed in the tables? Did you know you can change the column order as well as the sorting order of each column? Did you know you can change the widths of each column? Did you know that you can search for any value in any column in the tables?

Did you also you also know that your table settings are saved so that the next time you come back to the software the tables you customized are shown exactly the way you left them?

The video tutorial goes into this and more details about how to use tables and we’re sure you’re going to learn something new about the software. You can do quite a lot with the tables in LandlordMax, quite a lot more than most people realize, hence why we created this video tutorial.

As a final note did you also know that you can edit entries directly in the tables by doubleclicking on the row you want to edit. You don’t have to go into the entry to edit it, you can now just edit the entry directly in the table.

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