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Create your own custom reports in addition to the 150+ default reports to analyze how your properties are doing.

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Keeping detailed records of all your financial transactions has never been this easy!

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I've been using your software since 2007. I was one of the ones that started asking about a network version long ago. Even on its first release, your network Landlordmax software is awesome! It does EXACTLY what I was hoping for. I'm a tech geek, and I've been willing to pay any amount for good property management software for my brokerage. I've tried every other competitive solution (all of which charge substantially more), even the big name networked versions, which charge outrageous monthly fees. Yours outperforms them all. Really brilliant software.

You did great. You've really helped my brokerage succeed as it rapidly expands. My employees all love it too, and it save's me a king's ransom in training cost for new employees do to its simplicity.

— Ed DiMarco M.S., M.A., CPMS, CRIS, FSCCM

"Within a couple of hours I had the software completely figured out with out having to read the literature that comes with it. Just start inputting information (a property, a tenant, etc) and it will all become clear."

— Dallas Powell

We started LandlordMax back in Aug of 07 and within a month fell in love with the software. I utilized the program to run a 64 unit complex and it did great. In Feb 09 I started running another property with 140 units and now use the updated version (Ver6.05) to run both properties. I recommend the software to anyone in property management. Not only is the software great but the customer service is top of the line.

— K. Nusbaum

"My business partner -who keeps the books- is very impressed with LandlordMax, in terms of its simplicity to use, its tremendous power of data capture and ease of report generation. LandlordMax is worth much more than we paid for it."

— Don

I will be buying the software and also referring my fellow investors to your site to see for themselves what a great program you have!!

— Shannon Jasmer

"Your support alone is worth the cost of registering this fine piece of software."

— Bill Haworth

My new accountant appreciates LandlordMax. He felt it was really helpful when he completed my tax returns for last year.

— Kent Petschow

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