3.5. Accounting Main Screen

The filters

The Accounting Entries can be filtered so that you can limit the number of entries to only those that you're interested in. The Date Range filter is based on the Date Paid field, the Accounting Type is based on the type of entry, whether it's an Expense, Revenue, or All. The Category filter is based on the Accounting Category. It is really easy to forget that you have set the filters in a specific way so if you're looking for a specific Accounting Entry and it seems to have disappeared, check your filters before you panic.

Another way to find your Accounting Entries faster is to look at the Accounting Background Status Color. This color will help you determine if a payment is past due (red), due in the future (green), or if it has been partially paid (yellow).

The color squares on the left side of each Accounting Entry are codes that give you a quick indication of how early or late an Accounting Entry is based on the values in the tab Accounting Color Codes.

The Accounting tabbed panels

The Schedule Entries tab lists all recurring Accounting Entries that are automated. The Suggested Entries tab lists all the Accounting Entries the application has tried to anticipate from both Scheduled Entries and Workorders. These entries can then be Accepted or Deleted. If the suggested Accounting Entry is accepted it will appear on the Main Accounting Board in the upper portion of the screen with all other Accounting Entries. The use of these tabs is explained in Creating a New Scheduled Accounting Entry chapter.

The Categories tab lists all available Categories for accounting purposes. LandlordMax has some pre-created Categories within which revenues and expenses can fall, such as rent, insurance, repairs, management etc. However should you need new Categories, you can also create as many Custom Categories as you need or wish. To create new Category, click on the tab and then click New or Add in the right side menu. After the information is filled, click Save and then List in the right side menu.

The Account tab lists all the Accounts that can be associated to Accounting Entries. These can be banks, lenders, financial institutions, or they can be concepts as simple as Petty Cash, a cash account, and so on. You can create as many Accounts as you need or wish.

Similarly, the Payment Types tab lists different payment options that will allow you to define which way a payment was made for an accounting entry.

In the Accounting Color Codes tab, you can add or remove any color codes you wish except for the four core entries (Latest, Earliest, On time, and NSF). Click on the tab and then click New or Add in the right side menu. To edit the color of the color code, click on the square that is appropriately color and select a new color in the pop-up window. Once you have properly edited your information, click Save on the right side menu.

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