4.2. Buildings

One of the first thing you have to do when you enter our program is to fill up the basic information about each property.

STEP 1: Define the type of property

The software can support mixed-use properties that include both single residence homes as well as multi-unit properties.

When you create a building you have to define the type of property as either a Single Residence Home or a Multi-unit Building. Multi-unit Building can be of any size - duplex, triplex, 100-unit apartment, etc. The software can handle over 10,000 units for a single building effortlessly.

Please note that multi-unit buildings are not limited to just structures with multiple units such as mutiplexes and apartment complexes, they can include mobile parks, shopping centers, student housing, etc. In these cases the property can be viewed as a Multi-unit Building.

To create a new building, go to the Building menu and click New. In the pop-up window, select the type of building as Single Residence Home or Multi-units Building.

STEP 2: Fill the info about the property

Enter the address information for the property in the upper section of the screen.

In the bottom portion of the screen, there are multiple tabs in which information concerning the property can be recorded. Data in the tab Accounting, Vendors and Workorders will appeared automatically from entries filled in the relevant sections of the software (Accounting from the Accounting Entries, and so on).

Note that you can associate a landlord to a building if the landord has been previously created in the Landlords section of the software. Click on the tab Landlords and then click Add in the right side menu. Select the Landlord from the list in the pop-up window. You can enter many landlords if the property is shared or co-owned. The ownership data is completely cross-referenced with the Landlords data entry screen.

LandlordMax Property Management Software: Building/lanlords


To enter all other information which is optional, click on a tab and then click New or Add in the right side menu. After the information is filled, click List in the right side menu.

When you are happy with all the information you have filled, click Save on the top menu (the button is green when you need to save and returns blue when done) and then List to return to the main screen.


In the main screen, a list of all the current buildings ordered by name will be presented assuming you haven't limited the list by setting the filters.

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