1.5. Reports

Once you have gathered all the information, you want to be able to see what's happening, when rents are due, which rents are late, how well your properties are doing, prepare for your taxes and so on. To do so you will produce reports by clicking on Reports in the menu.


LandlordMax Property Management Software: Report Menu


The first thing you'll want to do is select which report you want to run. Please note that you can also type in the report name and the software will automatically filter out only reports with that name. So for example if you only want reports that have the word "Tenant" in the report name then you can just type in Tenant and only reports such as "Accounting entries for a tenant", etc. will be included.


LandlordMax Property Management Software: Select Report


Once you select a report you will be presented with that reports specific fields. In the following screenshot the report "Accounting entries grouped by tenants" was selected. There are over 150 different reports that come with the software by default but you can also create your own custom reports as well as customize any of the existing reports, meaning that the list of reports is completely up to you. Please note that customizing reports does require some html/css technical knowledge and that we also offer consulting services to help you create custom reports specific for you. The details on how to create your own custom reports are available in Section 6.


LandlordMax Property Management Software: Single Report


*Please note that if you set a Start and/or End Date for any of the accounting reports that by default the software will only include accounting entries that have been paid (Date Paid) between those two dates (Start and End Dates). Otherwise if it included entries on when they were due, a rent for December 1st that was paid 45 days late, in January of the following year, could be reported as income in the wrong calendar year for a report generated for tax purposes. The same is true for a corporation with a non-calendar fiscal year. You can customize this behavior by editing any of the existing reports or creating your own custom reports.

Once you have entered in the values you want for report click on the Generate button.


LandlordMax Property Management Software: Generate Report


You can then Print, Email, or Download the report, depending on your needs. As well, all reports can be downloaded to PDF of CSV files. 

*Please note that you can edit the report before you print, email, or download it (except for the CSV download). That being said please note that the report window is a word processor and so if you edit a value it will NOT recalculate the totals and so on

*Please note that there are two scroll windows, one for the report screen and one for the word processor in which the report resides.


LandlordMax Property Management Software: Edit Report


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