7.1. Before you Start

General Advice

Technical Expertise

Notice: As much as we've tried to simplify and streamline the process of installing and running your own LandlordMax Server, if you are not technical or have very limited experiencing setting up server software, we do strongly recommend you get the assistance of a local IT professional. Although we'd love to offer support for every single step of the way, down to the littlest detail, we simply cannot offer full IT professional services for free as part of our technical support. We will assist you with any issues related to software, however for issues and assistance on how exactly to configure a specific computer and/or setup your specific network, we can only give IT level instructions advice such as open port 8081. If you are unsure what this means, then this is where you will have to consult a local IT professional to assist you because this could mean the port needs to be opened on your computer, your firewall, your antivirus software, your router, multiple routers, and so on. This is an environment configuration and is beyond what we can offer in terms of support.

Again, there are just too many possible hardware systems and software setups that are very specific to each user that anything beyond the software will fall into IT services and is therefore beyond the scope of our technical support services. In these cases we may differ you to get the assistance of a local IT expert.

Where to Host Your Server

We strongly recommend you use hosting services of some kind to host your LandlordMax Server if you wish to give full internet access to your LandlordMax Server. If you only want local/intranet access, then you can host it internally on almost any type of computer as long as you properly configure your internal network (in many cases you don't have to do anything for internal hosting within just your local network). But if you want full internet access to your LandlordMax Server than you will almost be much better ahead either using a hosting company (that provides Windows hosting - Mac as well but these are very rare), or a cloud services that provides Windows cloud services such as Amazon EC2 which we've been using with LandlordMax to test the Server Systems as we've been developing it.

VERY IMPORTANT TIP: Please do note that although it is possible to setup internet access to the LandlordMax Server from your personal computer on your own local internet service, most high speed internet connections for the home are NOT good enough. Although they provide good download speeds, they will generally provide very slow upload speeds which will slow down your server to be barely usable. As well many ISP's (Internet Service Providers) do NOT allow you to host services and servers, and will therefore block the LandlordMax Server or worse when you least expect it. Therefore we very strongly recommend you NOT use your local internet provider to host your LandlordMax Server to the internet, this is very very like to FAIL!!

Transfer Data from Desktop to Network Server

You can transfer your database from your Desktop Version to any of the Server Versions through the Database Management section of the application.

PLEASE NOTE: Restoring and backing up database features require a valid license, therefore in the 30-day free trial demo you can only test the software. Your data WILL stay with you after you purchase a license if you wish, you just cannot transfer a database from one computer to another, or from one system (Desktop to Server) to another without a valid license.

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