7.6. User Types


LandlordMax Property Management Software: Server login

The Users section of the Server lists all Users. Currently connected Users are highlighted in green. Innactive Users are in gray (Innactive Users do not count as Users towards your license). When users are connected, the Connected column will show their IP address.

The following table lists the number of allowable Active Users per license type:

  • Soho - Up 2 Users
  • Pro - Up 10 Users
  • Enterprise - Unlimited Users

** Please note that only Enterprise Systems are allowed to create Landlord User types.

Deleting or setting a User to Innactive will immediately force the Server to disconnect them. This may be required for example if you have to fire an employee immediately and no longer want them to be able to access your system as of this instant.

User types

LandlordMax Property Management Software: Server User Types


Full access to everything, both on the Client and Server.


Full access to the data on the Client (same as the Admin User). However the Manager has no access to the Server. Managers, in addition to Admins, can also offer Manager Overrides to the Personnel User when required.


For the Pro and Enterprise Systems, the bulk of your Users should be of the type Personnel. The Personnel User only has access to the Client, and even within the Client the Personnel User only has limited access to certain types of data and actions.

The Personnel for example can be your front desk clerk who interfaces with your tenants. They are able to collect and accept rents, create workorders, and so on, but are limited in how much data they can access within the System. For example, they cannot access more than a limited range of accounting data, only enough to collect payments from tenants, look up recent payments from the tenants, and deal with day to day situations with the tenants. For anything more, it is assumed that they will either require a Manager Override or require a Manager to complete their tasks. For example they can NOT enter business expenses, these must be entered by a Manager User or Admin User.

A good analogy for a Personnel User is similar to the access level the cashier at Home Depot has in terms of accepting payments and so on. Anything beyond a certain level requires a manager to come and either override or perform the actions themself.

Personnel User do NOT have access to your client list, the property owners (Landlords in the System). The only time a Personnel may ever see a Landlord is if they print an Invoice or Receipt when you have the preference set to use the Landlord rather than Management, and even then they cannot access it, it only appears on the printout. This is a security feature to protect your client list. Only Manager and Admin Users can access the Landlords.

Reports for the Personnel users are very limited to only what is required to handle day to day operations with the tenants. And even then they are limited within the similar constraints as they are for the rest of the system. Reports should generally be generated by Manager or Admin Users.


Maintenance Users are designed specifically for your maintenance personnel, as well as potentially any contractors you wish to have direct access to your System. Maintenance Users have VERY LIMITED access to the System. For example above not being able to directly access the Accounting, Tenant, etc. information, they only have access to Workorders assigned to them.

The intent of the maintenance User is for your maintenance personnel, the people who perform repairs and so on within the properties. Although you can use them for contractors, this should be the exception rather than the norm. It is meant to assist your maintenance people manage what their workloads.

** Important Tip: A Maintenance User needs to be linked to a Vendor when creating the User on the Server if you want them to be able to access Workorders, otherwise they can't really access any data. The software has to use a Vendor as the link for which Workorders the Maintenance User can access. If no Vendor is associated to the Maintenance User they will not be able to access any Workorders within the system.


This User is ONLY available for the Enterprise license. Landlord Users give you the ability to let your clients directly access ONLY their data by connecting directly to your system. This is beneficial because your clients can have direct and live real-time access to their information. For property management companies and services, you may also be able to charge an additional fee for this type of service/access. Alternatively you may look at it as a way to alleviate some of your efforts in that you no longer have to create monthly reports as your clients can now directly access their own financial data and so on.

** Important Notice: Landlord Users ONLY have access to the Reports section, they cannot access any data directly. As well they only have access to their data in the reports.


The IT User has access only to the Server. They have no access to the Client (your data). The intent here is for people who require technical assistance in setting up and/or managing their Server System but don't want these Users to be able to access their data. So for example if you hire an IT person to help you setup something on your System such as your local IT shop, your IT staff, etc., you probably don't want them to have access to your data. Therefore they can only manage and access the technical aspects of the system, they cannot access any of the data.

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