7.3. Client


LandlordMax Property Management Software: Client Login

Start the Client

In order for the Client to work, because it's connecting to a Server, the Server first needs to be running. Also you will need the address of the Server to let the Client know where the Server is located (which computer). This is done through what is called an IP address. If you're connecting to a Server on the internet (outside of the same location as you), then you'll need to use the Server's Internet address as explained above. If your Server is located within the same office, in the same DMZ (for example behind your router), then you can possibly just use the Server's Intranet address. In either case, an IP address is required for the Server to know which computer the Server is located.

Once you've entered in the IP address you then just need to enter in your assigned Username and Password which was created by the Server Administrator.

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