4.1. Reports - Export

Once you have generated a report, you may want to open it in another program such as a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel, a Word document, raw data as a CSV file, and so on. In order to do so, you need to export the generated reports into an appropriate file format so you can open it in the program of your choice afterwards.

STEP 1: Export the report

Click on Print as if you were to print the report so the preview window opens.

In the window, in the top menu, click Export and select in which format you want to export the report. You have the choice between PDF, Excel, RTF, CSV or HTML format.

In the popup window, click Select File on the right side.

A new window will popup so you can choose where to save the new file and its name then click Save.

PDF file can be opened in Adobe Reader program, etc. CSV files are delimiter specific files, such as comma separated. The CSV file format is the best when you want to export ALL the data in RAW format so that you can import it into a number of other programs such as Excel, and so on, and customize it as you wish. The Excel format is for the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software (please note the formatting will be exactly the same, so if any information in a column is truncated it will remain truncated because the formatting is retained - if you wish to have the raw data then you will need to export to the CSV file format which can then be imported into Excel). RTF in any word processor such as Microsoft Word.

STEP 2: Open the report in the program of your choice

Open the program of your choice (here Excel), open the new file you just created in this program and voila!

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