5.2. Outlook Contacts - Import/Export

For those of you who are using the program Outlook (Windows only users) to manage their emails, you have the option to import your contacts from outlook to LandlordMax and to export your Tenants, Vendors, Landlords, etc. contact information from LandlordMax to Outlook.

STEP 1: Import Contacts from Outlook into LandlordMax

You may already have contact information for your tenants, landlords, vendors, etc. in Outlook, especially if you already communicate with them by email. An easy and very fast way to populate your database in LandlordMax is to import those contacts directly.

To do this, go to the Import/Export menu in LandlordMax and click on the Outlook button at the top of the screen. Then select "Import from Outlook to LandlordMax" in the dropdown list of the first field.

** If you don't have an Antivirus program, or if your Antivirus program isn't up to date, Outlook will then open a message window to ask you if you allow LandlordMax to access it. You will then have to click Allow in order for your contacts to be imported. Note that it is possible that this message is hidden behind the LandlordMax screen.

Then, select the contacts you want to import. Chose where to import those contacts from the dropdown list on the right side of the screen called import to: within LandlordMax. You have the choice to import your contacts from Outlook to Contacts, Tenants, Landlords, or Vendors in LandlordMax. Click Import to complete the procedure. If you wish to import your Outlook Contacts to different groups within LandlordMax, then you'll have to run an import for each separate group (Contacts, Tenants, Landlords, and Vendors).

STEP 2: Export contact information from LandlordMax to Outlook

It could be also useful to have the contacts information you have collected in LandlordMax be exported to Outlook so you can have access to them directly in Outlook.

To do this, go to the Import/Export menu, click on the Outlook button at the top of the screen, and select "Export from LandlordMax to Outlook" in the dropdown list of the first field. In the second field, from the dropdown list select in which section of LandlordMax you want to export data from: Contacts, Tenants, Landlords, or Vendors.

Select the individual contacts to export by clicking on them by using the standard list selection features of Windows such as clicking on each one while maintaining down the Ctrl key or clicking on the first one and then the last one while holding down the shift button to select a larger group. Then click Export to complete the procedure.

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