Preventive maintenance

Mike Rose | email Aug 1 2017, 06:31 AM
Hi, just trying the system. is there a way that I can set a preventive maintenance schedule to generate work orders for our in house maintenance team or external vendors. HVAC- Fire protection services- roof cleaning - landscaping ?

Stephane Grenier | email Aug 1 2017, 02:34 PM
Hi Mike,

Yes absolutely. What you want to do is setup Scheduled Workorders for your regular maintenance. Scheduled Workorders also let you setup an Advance Notice so that you can get a heads up before the maintenance is actually due in case you need to make appointments, etc.

With that in mind I'll refer you to Section 3.3 of the user manual at: for more details on how Scheduled Entries work. Although Section 3.3 is for Scheduled Entries the process is exactly the same for Scheduled Workorders.

Stephan Grenier
LandlordMax Software Inc.

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