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Cindy Polutnik | email Jun 27 2017, 06:18 PM
I would like other fields on the Tenant List. Before using LandlordMax I generated a manual Tenant's List. I take that list when I go out to collect rent or use it to check off rents that come into my office.
I see that LandlordMax creates a list and I want that list to suit my needs.
The fields that I would like on that list would include the rent for the unit and the cell number rather than the home phone. Also the font size looks like it is about a 9 or 10. Is there a way to increase it to a 12 or 14?
Thanks, Cindy
Stephane Grenier | email Jun 27 2017, 10:15 PM
Hi Cindy,

Firstly I believe the report you may actually be looking for is the Rent Roll report rather than the Tenant List report. The Rent Roll report includes all the upcoming rents that you need to collect, including the rent amount, the phone number, late fee, etc. This report will have everything you're looking for and is designed specifically to help you collect your rents.

That being said it's currently not possible to customize the reports, you generally won't find those kinds of capabilities in solutions anywhere near our price range. However you will be happy to hear that we are expecting to add some customization capabilities in the next major version of the software. We haven't yet confirmed the details but yet but you will definitely be able to do quite a bit.

It is possible to somewhat customize the reports in the current version but this requires some pretty advanced technical knowledge therefore it's not something we advise to our customers. Instead we recommend waiting for that until the next major version.

With all that in mind the reports in the current version are designed with the constraint that all necessary information must be printable on a standard sheet of printing paper, which means we're limited in terms of the font sizes. As I said above, in the next major version you will have quite a bit of customization capabilities which means you'll be able to better customize the reports as you wish.

Stephan Grenier
LandlordMax Software Inc.

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