2.3. Why do my tenant's rent still show up in the Suggested Entries after the tenant was moved out?

Your tenant has moved out, you updated their Status to Past and entered an Ending Date in the Lease information but you still see a Suggested Entry for their rent every month. Why?

Although the software automatically creates Scheduled Entries for you from the Lease information they are not linked because of several reasons. For example the rent can be paid late, rents can be paid after a lease is completed, etc. As well some Tenants will transition to a month to month rent without a Lease, and therefore some people prefer to just keep the Scheduled Entries around rather than having to re-enter a new one manually. Therefore, when a Tenant moves out, you will also have to delete the Scheduled Entries.

As well, for the same reasons, editing a Lease does not adjust the Scheduled Entries, or any other related entries for safety reasons. For example, if it did, editing a Lease would then cause your previous Accounting Entries to also be edited, which is very likely wrong and could result in a lot of accounting errors. Therefore as stated before, although Leases do create Scheduled Entries, they are not linked to the Scheduled Entries they have created.

This is also true if you change the Tenant's Status to Past because it's very much possible to have a past tenant still owe you monthly rents from an existing lease (for example a tenant that is no longer living there but still has some time left on the lease, or a parent leasing a unit for their college kid during the summer).

You can find additional information and details about this in Step 2 of the following page of the online user manual: http://www.landlordmax.com/support/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=102

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