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David | email Jan 28 2021, 04:50 PM
I mistakenly changed a tenant to commercial. How can I change it back to residential?
I also have a blank entry that has accounting entries marked as commercial.
Stephane Grenier | email Jan 28 2021, 08:35 PM
Hi David,

To change a tenant from a commercial tenant to a residential one you can just click on the Convert option on the left side menu. Just be aware that the Convert menu option is only available when you are viewing a tenant, it is not available from the tenants table.

For the accounting entries marked as commercial can you please expand on what you mean by marked as commercial? Also what are you trying to do with the entry? If you're trying to delete it you can select and delete it. If you're trying to edit it then you can select it and edit it. The more details and information you can provide the better we'll be able to assist you.

Stephan Grenier
LandlordMax Software Inc.

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