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Graham | email Oct 3 2019, 12:18 AM
Hello, I have been using landlordmax for several years and just now I am switching to the online version. I had a question about the ability to set a notice or warning of rent increases. In Ontario we have to give 90 days notice for any rent increase and this usually lands 3 months before the expiry of the a lease or some time after as we can only give an increase once per 12 month period. Is there a way to adjust the lease expiry notice to 90 days prior to expiry instead of 30 days on the dashboard or can I set some sort of other notice based on the lease expiry?

Any suggestions would be great, thank you in advance.

Stephane Grenier | email Oct 4 2019, 01:31 AM
Hi Graham,

It's great to hear that you've been using the software for several years and also that you are switching to the online Cloud Edition.

In regards to your question it's not yet possible to adjust the notice on the Dashboard. That being said the software comes with a report specifically designed just for this type of notifications as different people need different lead times (either for legal reasons or personal preference). Specifically you want to run one of the Expiring leases reports. This report allows you to give yourself exactly as much lead time as you want, be it 30 days, 90 days, or even more. The way it works is you basically set a Start Date and End Date and the software will show you all Leases that will expire between those two dates. Therefore for example if you want to know all Leases that will expire between now and the end of December then you can just set the Start Date to today and the End Date to Dec 31, 2019.

Stephan Grenier
LandlordMax Software Inc.

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