More Tutorial Videos - please!

I think your tutorial videos are very good. You need to make many more of them to explain some of the more confusing issues.

Some issues I think videos would help:

1) Make a video for someone transferring to your product midyear - show tips and pitfalls.
2) Make a video showing how to get a report of late rents. When I try to use the late rent report it always says There is no data available for this report with these settings. I select ALL in section LATE RENTS - then generate - no joy. Please like me would benefit from video help

I have some strange issues that I think I can workout, but in any case I think having the videos would be great for support, but it would also help sell your product.

My 2 cents

Hi David,

Absolutely, and this is something we've been working and plan to continue working on.

Although we currently don't have a video for your first issue, the following should describe how to process late rents (including how to get late rents to appear in your late rents reports):

Stephane Grenier
LandlordMax Software Inc.

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